How to Give OnCollisionEnter Priority for 2 prefabs ?

Hello there , I’m makin an Othello game and I’m having problem with the game pieces prefabs , I made black piece get destroyed when OnCollisionEnter with the white one , but my problem is how to make the white piece get destroyed when the black one spawn to in the same location ?

Is there is a way to give priority to them or so they meet the required conditions to be destroyed ?

**This is the script on white pieces : **

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class WhiteOnCollision : MonoBehaviour {

void Start () {


void OnCollisionEnter (Collision Stone){
	if( == "Black Stone"){
		Destroy(Stone.gameObject);		}

void Update () {


Note Please : I tried the same script on the black pieces with name==“White Stone” and the black one only get destroyed no matter what and there is no priority …

**If more information required for the question please tell me **,Thanks in advanced

you’re almost there, just add this bit to your if statement:

if( == "Black Stone" && !={