How to give user controls for the moble devices(Android)

This is my first question on this site and I am new to Unity as well. So please try to forgive my mistakes in the question that I am about to ask.

I have built a simple terrain along with the FirstPersonController and I ran it on my Android device and the outcome is that I am getting the terrain but the problem is I am unable to find nor move the FirstPersonController.
The terrain as a whole is moving but I want the FirstPersonController to move.

Are there any extra controls thst needs to be given in order to accomplish my task?

Instead of “FirstPersonController”, drag “Player Relative Controls” into the scene. It will automatically add two virtual joysticks on the screen. And you will notice that look up/down are inverted. You just need to modify the “PlayerRelativeControl” script. Just one line. Replace the last line with this:

cameraPivot.Rotate( -camRotation.y, 0, 0 );

(Just added the minus before camRotation to invert it again.)