How to grab objects in 3rd person LITTLE BIG PLANET STYLE

Hi everyone, i’m pretty new to Unity so if this question is dumb,then forgive me…
I’m making a game in which the character (already moving and animated) is in 3rd person and i need a grabing mechanics that works exactly like in Little big Planet,where the little guy push and pull cubes or jump and clings to ropes and other swinging stuff like that.
I think i need something that dynamically locks together rigidbodies in position.
The thing is that i need that the character and the object have to be joined in the exact position in which the character put his arms and this locking point cannot move around the rigidbody.
What i have to look for? I’m not asking a complete code or anything, i just want to know what i have to learn to achieve that or some suggestions.
Thank you all guys!

What you’re looking for is a hinge joint.

Yeah - hinge joint and IK for the character. Should eventually lead to the correct setup you need.