How to hack and mod my game?

Hello guys. Recently, I’ve been wondering about how to mod/hack my unity game. I mean after it has been compiled and built into a Windows application. Any ways to do this? Thanks

Cheat engine should work fine for “Hacking” the game, it allows you to change variables.

If you want to add modding support, a good start would be to look at something like Kerbal or Cities Skylines and see how they approach it. It’s then up to you to ensure that your game is constructed in such a way that makes it possible. Note this often adds a lot of work, but the payoffs can be fantastic.

For hacking, there are various ways but the best bet would be to expose variables you want to alter in some data file (XML, JSON etc) and have the game read in that file.

These are of course assuming you want to allow people to mod and hack your game. I can’t see why you hack your own game, unless you’re looking for vulnerabilities.