How to handle more than 1 dev working on a scene

Greetings All,

I am looking for some workflow advice w/ unity pro: After checking in my test bed project into source control, and correctly minimizing which files belong in source control I made a simple change to a scene by cloning one of the prefabs. When I saved this file, I noticed that the only change source control recognized was a change to the .unity file which is a binary file.

If my understanding is correct here, this means that this file is unmergable and therefore I am trying to determine the workflow of 3+ developers working on the same scene but not necessarily changing the same objects.

Dev1 might be hooking up scripts while Dev2 would be creating and placing prefab objects, but it seems with the way unity pro works and how the file is in binary format, I don't see how this is possible.


Yes, you should treat scene files as binary files - you can't merge then, so two people shouldn't be working on it at the same time. Make sure you use prefabs, then you can make a change to prefab (for example: adding a script) - the prefab changes in scene, but the scene itself doesn't change.