How to handle to draw more pixel animation of character?

There are idle,walk,run,mining,chopping,attack,sleep and die animation and when player has just one costume it is deal to draw these animation.But when character equipped a new armor what should i do , is there a way to avoid redraw all this animation with equipment ? Because it is so time wasting.

I think you should have separate animations for the equipment and the armor. By this method you can for example just name the animation “Walk_Weapon” (This is just an example) and you can in that animation move the x and y for the weapon, I mean for example for the walk animations you can make the weapons go up and down slightly, NOTE- This Depends on what kind of walk animation you have. You can also do this for the armor and for the death animation you can make the tools rotate 90 degrees either to the left or to the right and it can simply create the effect falling down as you fall when you die.

I hope this helps :smiley: