How to have a character hold teddy bear in hand, using ragdoll and joints?

Hello all,

In my scene there’s a teddy bear - unity ragdoll and the goal is to see a characters’ hand holding the teddy bear and the character is moving forward with it.

Please see example (I have no rights to this image):


My plan:

Set up five holding points - head, and the tips of the bear limbs.

Each of the holding points will have a character joint.

Once the characters’ hand gets close and is triggered by the “head holding point” for example, it will become the “connected body” of the bears’ “head holding point”.

I’ve tried:
At first I couldn’t lift the ragdoll from the floor - freezing all ragdoll rigidbodies’ y position solved it.
The I unfreeze several limbs, but it is still not close enough to the goal.

What I need is to be able to pull the bear’s head up, and have the whole body follow the head and continue the “ragdollish” behaviour - like as when a person holds a fluffy bear.

Please help and advise on a proper solution or a preferable work flow in this case, and share links to relevant tutorials.

Thank you.

I will answer my own question:
My answers lays within the hierarchy of the object to be held (no need to change Rigidbodies or anything else).
The hierarchy in this case needs to be as following: In a ragdoll object, each limb connected to another limb with a joint needs to be at the root of the ragdoll parent.