How to have a player which is a trigger also make contact with regular colliders

I have a 2D Space shooter game similar to the Asteroids game. When the ship shoots a laser, the laser can hit another ship and destroy it. I did this by turning the ship collider into a trigger. But now it ignores other colliders how can a have colliders on the environment while still making sure the ship is hit with lasers. The code is kinda all over the place so I will provide as needed.

Why did you make the ship a trigger? You can still call OnTriggerEnter or similar functions on non-trigger colliders assuming they have a rigidbody attached and interact with a trigger. What would make the most sense to me (assuming you’re not already doing it this way) is to have the laser be the object with the trigger collider as I imagine it won’t be behaving according to physics when making contact with something. If you do that, you can still call OnTriggerEnter on the ship when it’s hit by the laser.
Check out this page to find the collision matrix which will show you the circumstances under which each kind of collision is detected. It’s very helpful with things like that.

P.S. You could theoretically have two colliders on the ship, one trigger and one that isn’t, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you can avoid it.

You can have multiple Colliders on an object. You can have the first collider handling collisions and the second as a trigger which handles trigger events.