how to have both RIGIDBODIES and COLLIDERS

I am making an airplane sim.

i cant get it all to work together, in that if i make rigidbody components, and try to use colliders too, the plane either falls apart, or flies in random directions.

so i either can have no colliders, and have the plane fall thru the ground,
i can have no rigidbodies, and therefor cant hinge the wing flaps to the wing
is there any way to keep both colliders and rigidbody hinges?

thanks @Llama_w_2Ls, one more question.

so when i switch from an overhead camera to side camera… the rotation of an object changes wrt the floor.

  • from above it looks like a tire rotating on pavement.
  • from the side it spins like a top.

I want it to spin oriented like a tire, wrt ground… any ideas how to get proper rotation in all views?