How to have consistent speeds between frame rates?

I’ve found that some of my objects move at different speeds depending on the frame rate. How do I keep the speed consistent?

Here is an example of how I move one object in a Coroutine:

transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, newPosition, 50 * Time.deltaTime);

In the game the newPosition isn’t static, it can move while the object is moving towards it. I do not want the object to have a rigidbody where I just set its velocity btw. And I assumed using Time.deltatTime would keep things consistent but apparently not. For a user running the game at 420 fps, the object moves way way faster than for me at 60fps.

Could it be, that the error is on another side, like the newPosition is changing faster on higher framerates? You are using the function correct and it should work. PS: i dont even know if 420 fps is even possible with unity?