How to have constant speed even when 2 balls bounce off each other?

I have a room of with 3 balls bouncing around.
I set an initial Rigidbody.AddForce for when the scene starts.
This is enough to make the balls go and bounce around within the room and off each other.

The problem I'm having is keeping these bouncing balls at the same speed.
When the balls bounce off each other, sometimes one ball adds force to the other ball, which also slows down that ball which added its force to that other ball. This eventually makes balls move way too fast and also way too slow. I just want them to move at 1 set speed or close to it.

I want to prevent this from happening, so balls always stay the same set speed, even if they happen to bounce into each other. How can I achieve this?

Take their's rigidbody velocity, normalize it and then multiply it by speed value that you want to achieve. I guess :smile: