How to have several levels in only one scene?

So i’ve just started unity and its my second game(still a beginner).
So basically I’m making a game where the user has to find an odd colored cube among several which are of the same color. The game is multi-level and the only things that changes between the levels is the color of the cubes and the position of the odd one…so i was wondering if i could use only 1 scene for all the levels. I want to know if its possible and if yes can someone explain how it can be done…Thanks

you can use prefabs as your levels ,for example create a map,make it a prefab,when the player should go to the next level ,just instantiate next Level prefab and Destroy last map.

for example

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class LevelManager : MonoBehaviour {
public GameObject level1;
public GameObject level2;
// Use this for initialization

void Start () {
	Instantiate (level1,transform.position,transform.rotation);

public void changeLevel(){
	Instantiate (level2,transform.position,transform.rotation);
	//remove level 1 stuff