How to have the sprite in animation move side to side

I have an animation hooked to the torso only. When the animtion starts the torso sprite changes (as it should). The question is how can I move the torso around in the animation. I want that torso sprite to slightly move from side to side as well as I need to align it properly with the rest of the body.

Edit: I just realized how confusing my wording is here are some screenshots that should clear up what I am trying to say (English is my second language). In my screenshots I want to move the “both hands up sprite” up so that it aligns where the torso should be.

hmm maybe try one of these

can you try making the head a child of the torso and then animate the torso

if that doesn’t work animate the torso like shown in the gif. and then copy the keyframes of the torso (only copy the transform position keyframes) paste it in a animation of the head(or whatever object you try to move)