How to have two cameras in Game with SteamVR camera rig

What I want to do is have a “multiplayer” VR game where one person sits at the keyboard and plays the other person with the vr head set on. I think I need two cameras. The first will be the steamvr camera rig. The second I want to track the 2nd player with the keyboard. The first I want to display in the VR headset obviously and the 2nd I want to show up on the computer screen. Any ideas on how this could be done?

Thank you thank you!

Yes, this is pretty easy with the way unity has setup its vr stuff. If you have the Virtual Reality Supported checked in your Player Settings you get an extra dropdown on your camera. The extra drop down is labeled “Target Eye”. Change that to say “None”. Also you will need to make sure that your the computer screen camera depth is higher than the vr camera. That should get you going.

Hey guys, I am looking for method to stop SteamVR from controlling camera transform movement as all gameobject with camera component attached (regardless active or not) will be dominated and controlled of its transform (position & rotation). For example, I have two cameras on scene, camera A & B. I only need camera A’ s transform to be mapped to HMD while camera B is up for some other purpose. Is that possible to be done?