how to hide UI from preloaded another scene

hello Guys. I have a problem. My project have Scene 1 and Scene 2. I preloaded Scene 1 In the Scene 2
(Because Scene 1 little bit huge and LOADING time is taking too long on mobile ). But Scene 1 UI show on the Scene 2. So how to hide it? Help me guys…really thank you (sorry for my english skill)

Why? Somebody answer me please.

You could just hide the UI. But i guess you made the ui DontDestroyOnLoad. so if you change scene, you keep the UI of scene one.
So if you don’t need the ui’s over scenes then remove it from dontdestroyonload.

But you could just hide it, with something like this

Make sure you locate/find or add a field in inspector to link you gameobject, that you want to hide.