How to hide wire after burn effect?

Hello fellas, I’m trying to hide the wire while the fire burns it. I’ve looked for dissolve effects, mesh manipulation and cutout shader . But I’m still a little confused about how I can archive that effect. I’d appreciate some help.

Cutout value of standard shaders works with the alpha value of the main texture. You may add an alpha gradient for your fuse texture and animate the cutout threshold value of the fuse material via Material.SetFloat().

If you’re adventurous and willing to customize your own shader, you may control the alpha cutout threshold value by the local position of the fuse mesh (either x, y, or z axes, depending on how your source mesh is aligned.) This way you don’t need to change the texture of your fuse/dynamite. Let’s face it, it’s still tricky to work with the alpha channel of the texture in the latest version of Photoshop because it is still treated primarily as the “opacity channel”.