How to host my webGL build on blogger?

This is probably a really weird question, but does anyone know how I could host a webGL build of my game in a blogger page/post? I’ve tried using html with the iframe tag and a google drive sharing link, but all I get is a message saying, ",com refused to connect. Does anyone know how to get it to work using this or another method? Or would I have to use something other than blogger.

I just copy the output to the web-server.


Then use parameters for the index.html to be used from Unity.

Accessing the page path from Unity to parse it.


Also use this for the path, to support debug in Unity and to the release version.

    //access from unity editor for debug
    public static string WEB_HOST = "";
    //local access from code already on web server
    public static string WEB_HOST = "";
//example: string url = WEB_HOST + "/user_levels/" + i_szFilename;

Most webservers will refuse to allow the app to access data from another url-base.