how to host unity web build online ?? error to download data

Hello Fellas,
i want to access the html file of the web build using the link and from a wordpress page.
i am getting following errors.

1)i am getting an internal server error when i access the link in a browser.


  1. following another error i am getting when i embed the web build in a wordpress page.

please go through these two errors and link to let me know what can be wrong ??
if any one has all ready done this then please help me to access the web build online.

Thanks in Advance,

Check this out, might help in your case:

I have been able to solve this.

you need to set the MIME type in web.config file.

in web.config’s , the extension for the file be ‘unity’ only , it should not be ‘unity3d’.
and the file sub type should be ‘unity’ instead ‘unity3d’.

here is the code to set the MIME type.

     <mimeMap fileExtension=".unity" mimeType="application/unity" />