How to I get U3DXT IAP to work when my app has been set up on iTunes Connect but not yet submitted for review?

Is there a sandbox mode I can use to test purchases? Is it supposed to work normally even if I created the products and they’re still not approved?

Yes. Check out this 5-minute tutorial video on IAP.

The IAPTest Example is a good starting point. Here is a list of troubleshooting points:

  • Use Test Users (not your own itunes account), create them in
  • Log out your main (real) itunes account from the iOS Settings app.
  • Make sure the bundle id matches the id set in Unity player settings for your app
  • When adding IAP consumables/non-consumables, be sure the ID matches exactly as defined in the IAPTest init function

You should be able to use the test account to purchase IAP from your app if set up correctly. If for whatever reason, it doesn’t work for you, please submit a screenshot of the IAPTest Example log and I will troubleshoot it for you.