How to I make a worldwide online mobile and sell it on google play and apple store

I want to make an online and offline mobile video game . I want to do want worldwide not only North America . What is the process for this ? What all do I need to get this going ? What companies should I do business with ?

To do the online\offilne thing, you just need to develop the game in a way that you can switch it to online and offline. (i suppose you are talking about singleplayer and multiplayer).

To do an online game, you will need a server system. I don’t know much about that so i will not say more about it.

Finally, after finishing the game development AND the server system, you just need to publish it on Google Play and Apple Store. I don’t know what Apple requires, but i know that to publish a game on Play Store you need to be 18+, have a bank account and pay a tax to publish it.

You can do business with Google to advert your game, so you can put it for FREE in the play store, and still gain some profit with it as the time pass.