How to I make trigger activate mini game?

I been searching google for this and not finding what I’m actually looking for.

I’m making an adventure, rpg, hack n’slash, survival sort of game. and what I want to do is mix
it up with mini-games.

for example I want to make a fishing mini game in my game so you can fish this seems easy enough

I also want to add some mini games to my game and I know a few but here is what I’m trying to do.

I want to make several smaller standalone mini-games racing fps fighting puzzle stuff kinda like that but then here comes the tricky part. While playing my adventure game I want to be able to use a trigger that will call and activate the mini games I had made an example of what I’m trying to od is like this. Final Fantasy 7’s Golden Saucer. thats a good example it is its own game but in the golden saucer they have all kinds of mini games as well as mini games that are triggerd while playing the game such as the submerine battle and the Fort Condor Battles and like final fantasy 8 and 9 have card collection and little card mini-games. also things like ball under cup and dice games are all forms of mini games I would like to implement in my game. The problem is I don’t know how to trigger them.
I could make them as new projects as separate games but then I don’t know how to call them from interacting with triggers.

You make it like everything else you made in the game. The trigger will activate a script that you make that will handle that specific minigame, and you’ll make the animations/assets for that minigame. For example, the trigger will set a boolean that you are fishing, and trigger an animation to begin that shows your character sitting down and getting out a fishing pole.

Yeah I figured the fishing part would be really simple.

Its the other mini games I’m having trouble with.

I made a basic game using nothing but a surface to stand on and a character.

It’s a separate project. I need to now call that project in the current project using a trigger. Is there a simple command for that?

I might have to finalize the game first make it a stand alone that can be launched outside of Unity as its own full game but I haven’t got that far yet. I have more tutorials to watch to find out how to make my game a fully standalone game. I should probably do that with the basic game just to get it functional first.

Originally I was going to make a series of simple games but once I started making the game I wanted to make it a game I could be proud of as my first game not just some ball rolling game in pinball or anything simple like that.

I already made a pinball game in my introduction to programming C++ using just text this is far more complicated than a simple code like that. tho maybe I could use that pinball game as a mini game as well but Unity doesn’t work with C++