how to i play another animation when the first one is finished

So basically what i want is like secondary weapon system so when scroll the mouse up my secondery
weapon pops up. I done the showing part but how do i make it so that if i scroll the mouse wheel the primary w eapons put away anumation plays and once thats ended the secondary weapons draw anim plays.

  1. Open the Animator (Window → Animator).
  2. Create a transition from one animation to the other. You just right click on the animation want to transition from and click “Make Transition” and then left click on the animation you want to transition to.
  3. In the bottom left of the Animator window you should see “Parameters”.
    You’ll want to add one ( probably of type bool ) by clicking the “+” sign.
  4. Next click on the arrow representing the transition from one animation to the other and in the Inspector, set the condition to the parameter you created.

Then in a script, you want to use:
Animator animator = GetComponent();
animator.SetBool( “nameOfTheParameter”, /* boolean based on mousewheel */ );

I’d give you the mousewheel code too, but I have yet to do something like that. This should definitely get you close to your goal though.