How to i reference an animation in C# script?

Hi, i have a basic character and a basic walking animation. I want to make him walk while the ‘w’ key is down. The problem is, the Play method takes a string; i know you have to enter the animation’s name, but it doesn’t work when i enter the name, even when copied directly.
Here’s that line of code that calls the method. Anyone see anything wrong?

this.GetComponent<Animator>().Play ("&edenBones|Walk");

&edenBones|Walk is the name of the animation.

You can just Animator animator = this.GetComponent() animator.SetBool("the name of the animation", true)

But if you do like this you have to create a parameter on the animator (and named it like you want), then make a transition from the entry animation to your walk animation, and then create a condition on the transition, where the bool that you have created has to be “true”.

If you want that the animation stop you have write animator.SetBool("the walk animation", false);
And create another transition that goes from the walk animation to another animation that you want, and create a condition in that transition that is the bool you have created to false.

Hope that this helps you and that i don’t confused you (I’m not very good to explain).