How to I relaunch the application via key press?

So I used static variables for ammo in my game. When you die, it takes you to a game over scene and then escape takes you back to the menu. When you press play again, you still have the same ammo as before which is not ideal because it’s a survival arena kinda game. I want to make it so when you die, the game over scene comes (heres the part I need help with) insted of just loading the menu scene (which doesn’t reset the static variables) I want to make it so when your in the game over scene and press escape, it relaunches the .exe entirly so if you do that, it will load again and bring you to the main menu (any questions just comment) Thanks!

If they are static, why not just initialize the ammo variables to their proper values when you click on “New Game” from the main menu before you change the scene?