How to I scale UI 9-slicing across different resolutions?

I’m trying to make a UI that scales to different resolutions, and it’s been working out so far. However, I’m having trouble making the 9-slice scaling work properly.

On the left I have a simple GUI box on a low resolution screen, and on the right I have the same thing on a high resolution screen.

The box is sliced like this:

What I’m trying to get is the boxes to look about the same on high resolution displays as they do on low.

You can simply change the pixels per unit for the sprites file

Same problem here, the only ““solution”” i have found is changing the SCALE to the image and then resize it to the size i want. The problem with this is that you can’t spect to works smooth, since you are having different resolutions.

If anyone find the solution let us know :smiley: