How to i share material and texture

I have a scene that consist of many types of obstacle; mountain, flat floor, box(not move) and etc.

I use plane made by 3dsmax and import into Unity, this plane is used for every obstacle in the scene. I have made transparent texture with Photoshop , 1 material for 1 texture

For example, in the scene i have 5 kinds of obstacle so i have 5 material and 5 texture. i drag material into a game objects so my plane didn’t has texture UV since i didn’t textured in 3dsmax

now i want to combine all these texture into one texture atlas with 1 material in order to reduce draw call.

How do i share or scripting 1 material with 1 atlas since if we make that for 1 object, another obstacle’s texture will effected as well??

How do i shared or scripting material and texture by still keeping texture for each obstacle object.

ps. i have looked other questions that similar to mine but still not get an idea or understanding how to implement it.

Hi there, the problem here it’s the material, you can´t use two objects with the same material and try to set different parameters on each one, because if you set just to say the offset x to 0.5 in object 1 it will be reflected in object 2 and vice verse, the better way it’s to use separated materials (one per object) but you can use the same texture on all of them and then set different parameters on each one.

Hopes this helps.