How to i split a bitmap into parts? And use each part for a texture?

I am new!

I am creating a simple slider puzzle as a programming excersise.
I have successfully created 15 cubes at runtime and stacked them into a 4x4 on the XY plane.
I have a bitmap image 1024 by 1024 in my assets as a material whose scale is 1,1,1.
Each cube is 1,1,1 as well.
I want to paint the cooresponding part of the image onto each cube as they are instantiated in the camera’s startup routine.

Any Ideas?


You have to unwrap all fifteen cubes in maya and make it share the same texture!! that is the easiest!.. If u want to follow this search for unwraping in google u will get.

If you want to do it in unity u have set the UVs manually by using Material.textureOffset and Material.textureScale

For the sake of others who find this thread.

To divide a square image into 16 parts (4wide by 4high)
i did this:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class InitCube : MonoBehaviour {

public GameObject ga;
float wide; // tiles wide
float high; // tiles high

// Use this for initialization
void Start () {
    float x;
    float y;
    x = ga.transform.position.x;
    y = ga.transform.position.y;
    wide = 4;
    high = 4;
    float scx=-(1/wide);
    float scy=-(1/high);
    float offx=-(wide-1-x)/wide;
    float offy=-(high-1-y)/high;
    ga.renderer.material.SetTextureScale("_MainTex", new Vector2(scx,scy));
    ga.renderer.material.SetTextureOffset("_MainTex", new Vector2(offx, offy));  



Think of a brick wall 4 bricks tall by 4 bricks wide.
Think of one graphic covering all 16 bricks such that the image is intact accross the entire wall.
Each brick gets a part of the image.
The GameObject is a cube whose scale is 1,1,1
The graphic is already a material on the cube surface.
position x=0,y=0 is the lower left corner of the structure
position 3,3 is the upper right brick.
In Unity, the material has a "Tileing" and an "Offset" properties.
In the c# code the SetTextureScale actually changes the "Tileing" property.

There you have it.