How to identify mesh faces


I try to create a script to perform an analysis of every face of a mesh. I’ve read the documentation and as I understood, there is no definition of a face, “just” triangles or vertices. So in order to identify faces I guess first I need to identify the vertices, then their normals and then compare the vertices to each other in order to find out which are neighbors. Vertices with the same normal and neighboring vertices would then form one face. Right?

At the moment I am struggling in finding out the normals of the vertices. I printed out all vertices and normals (of a simple cube), but they seam not to match together - the vertices Index 3,4,5 (they form one triangle) doesn’t share the same normal.

Am I interpreting this correctly? The documentation is not always easy to read for me.

Is there maybe an easier way to identify faces?

Thank you


Mesh.triangles has all your mesh faces for you

Hello @bdubbert ,
and how do you know which triangles form one face?