How to identify touches via area

Hi, is there a way of storing a certain part of the touch area as a value, similar to FingerId, so that you can control, say 2 individual balls?

Also, is there a way of controlling the cursor, via a small touchpad, within a touch only game?

I might have been understood your question.
OK, lets split out the screen to 2 parts vertically. I assume that you know how to use Input.touches array. You need to check the phase of your touch first and where the touch has been made(position on the screen). The first of a touch will always be touch phase began, so when a touch has been made and if it was in the left part of the screen, call that touch a name, something like touch_L. So you now know that there is a touch on the left parf of the screen. So do a if statament and say like, if touch_L.position.x < Screen.width/2(which means touch is on the left part of the screen) //Do some coding. I hope you understand the logic. Hope this helps out.