How To Ignore Specific Collider? - Blood Splatter


I have a blood splatter asset that I found lying around the Interweb. The blood splatter lies itself over any collider that it comes in contact with. The problem is, I have some colliders that are invisible - and I want the blood splatter to ignore that.

I have added that specific collider into a Layer called 'Collider' (layer 8). Now, how would I tell my blood splatter script to ignore it?

var drip : GameObject;
var hit : RaycastHit;

function Awake () 
        var x = -1;
        var drops = Random.Range (40, 80);

        while (x <= drops)
            x ++;

            var fwd = transform.TransformDirection (Random.onUnitSphere * 5);

            if (Physics.Raycast (transform.position, fwd, hit, 10)) 
                splatter = Instantiate (drip, hit.point + (hit.normal * 0.1), Quaternion.FromToRotation (Vector3.up, hit.normal));

                var scaler = Random.value;
                splatter.transform.localScale.x *= scaler;
                splatter.transform.localScale.z *= scaler;

                var rater = Random.Range (0, 359);
                splatter.transform.RotateAround (hit.point, hit.normal, rater);

                Destroy (splatter, 5);

Thanks for your help.

You're leaving out the last parameter of Raycast. For your case, don't.