how to implement a moving road?

Hi, i am trying to understand the concept of racing game…. While playing games i have noticed that the car stays in the same position(in the y axis), rather the background road seems to move backward…. if i decrement or increment the road y coordinate and take it back it flickers…. but how to do it really…is that about positioning the camera…have i made my problem clear? i
am not sure. please reply at your earliest convenience…i will be thankful.

The logic that you have described was applied to old 2d racing games, like Outrun. Those games implemented a fake 3d effect by mantaining the car at a fixed y-coordinate, as you said, and by moving the background scenery. I hope to having understood your question correctly, because I don’t see a reason to implement something similar in modern, 3d games.
However, if I’m right in understanding your question, you may have a look at here, it’s a topic on GameDev regarding this. The accepted answer provides a useful article and an implementation.