How to implement a turn-based mobile game that allows the game to be closed until other player takes their turn?

I’ve watched some tutorials on making a multiplayer game, more specifically, a turn-based multiplayer game. I’ve learned a lot from them, however, all of the ones that I’ve watched are all dependent on both connecting and staying engaged in the game. What I’d like to do is create a game where players can close the game out while it’s not their turn (eg… Words with Friends, Draw Something, Friendo, etc…). Is it possible to do this style of game using Unity Networking alone, or would I need to run the game on a dedicated server? Any advice or links to resources would be greatly appreciated!

Unity Networking is for real time multiplayer data exchange - and is really good for this kind of game. You should save your data to exchange on a server using PHP scripts or like, or a service like Photon.