How to implement an ad network?

Hello everyone,

I almost finished the development of my first and then, i tried to test implementing ads. Since there are tons of ad networks i chose one to start (Heyzap).

After reading their instructions i downloaded and imported their unity package and registered my app on their site. After that i used the three lines of code in their instructions, basically to start Heyzap, fetch ads then show ads. In theory everything is super easy.

However i never trust super easy things, and nothing worked, ads aren’t shown.
Since i’m a beginner i feel like i’m missing something obvious here (besides having internet connection, which i have), like network configuration or something.

Thanks in advance.

I made it work!!!
What happened is that Heyzap comes with a folder named Plugins.
If you rename this folder, their SDK doesn’t work.
Just keep the original folder name.

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