How to implement an interactive text

I’m looking for a way to make interactive some words of a text. Something like links of a webpage.

I tried to split my text in different part, interactive words and the rest, and I displayed non interactive text in GUI Labels and interactive words in GUI Buttons but I don’t find a way to arrange them to have something that looks like a basic text (the problem is to set a “new line”)

Am i in a wrong way ?

I find a better solution !!! :smiley:

Here is THE function : GUIStyle.GetCursorStringIndex

With these function (and a bit of code ^^), i will be able to know on wich word my mouse is over, and trigger events if needed :smiley:

First test :

public GUISkin skin;
public Rect textArea;
public int cursorIndex;
public string myText;

void Start ()
		textArea = new Rect (0, 0, 500, 30);
		myText = "My entire text to display.";

void OnGUI ()
	{ = skin;
		GUI.Label (textArea, myText);
		cursorIndex = ("MyLabel").GetCursorStringIndex (textArea, new GUIContent (myText), Event.current.mousePosition);