How to implement anti piracy using google play games or anything else?

Fellow developers I am asking that you please don’t lecture me about how ‘AAA’ companies cannot stop piracy blaah blaah… none sense… If you know a good way to implement a anti-piracy system i would love a response from you. if you think anti-piracy is a stupid thing to do you can just ignore this question thank you. I am developing a mobile game for the play store but have no clue on how to do this.

There’s a good article about how to protect your game, you might wanna check this out:

Honestly you should not care about piracy at all - the thing is that people who pirate your game promote it and wouldn’t be your customers either way…

If you really need to protect your game, you would have to make it run completely online, and even then people could make private servers to bypass that. You can mess around with encryption, but if you game is worth to be encrypted, the encryption will eventually be broken.

The most effective way to combat piracy is to embrace it somewhat - that’s why freemium games are so popular - you cannot pirate it, and it’s very hard to server hack premium stuff. I’d consider implementing an encrypted batch of code related to periodical ads which you can remove with a purchase - make it so it isn’t too annoying, but for a small price gets rid of it. If you can make ads that aren’t annoying, you can actually earn way more money than you would with a single purchase over a long time.

So, in conclusion, look for ways how to disable piracy not by implementing protection, but by giving the players no reason to modify your game in that way. Things like the Serious Sam anti-piracy is funny at start too, but relatively easily broken given enough dedication.