How to implement realistic gravity?

I want to make my primitive sphere, which has a rigidbody, jump. I’ve tried using velocity and addforce to achieve this effect. However, when it reaches the top of the jump, it starts falling down incredibly slow. I’ve heard that scale is important when dealing with gravity, and so I increased the scale for my sphere to 2 units, which, as far as I understand, equals 2 meters in unity. With a gravity of -9.81, shouldn’t this be working properly? Even so, it falls incredibly slow. I want to find a way to create a realistic jumping effect, besides boosting the gravity like crazy in the phsysics manager.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Make sure the time scale is appropriate (namely, 1). Otherwise, gravity works correctly on its own; if it doesn’t then you’re affecting it by doing something like constantly adding forces in opposition to the gravity.