How to implement shooting for a 2D sidescroller when the bullets are built in the animation?

Hello, so I bought some assets for my 2D sidescroller game. Everything was fine until I started to implement the shooting. The issue is that bullet sprites and animations are built into the character shooting animation. I posted pictures below of the frames for the shooting animations for clarity purposes. This is problematic because I need to instantiate bullet prefabs with their own sprites and animations in order for the bullet collision detection to work properly, but when I do this, both the instantiated bullet and the bullet in the animation are shown. I tried to instantiate the bullet prefabs so they always appear in front of the bullet in the animation to hide it but that did not work well. I could also edit out the bullets from each frame in all the shooting animations but I want to see if there is a much easier way to implement this. What do you guys think? I’m still a beginner so I think that I may be overcomplicating this. Thanks in advance.

Pictures of shooting animation: Shooting animation - Album on Imgur

I’m afraid there’s no easy way around it, editing the source is probably the best solution here. You might consider reaching out to the content creator and asking them to provide a version without the projectile; I think that would be a reasonable request if you’ve paid for game-ready assets :slight_smile: