How to implement sliding speed/altitude indicator in UI?

I need help or any hint to make sliding indicators in the UI for a flight simulator HUD.

The image below can give you an idea of what I actually need. I appreciate any help or hint. Thank you!

I think you could achieve this using scroll views (see create > UI > scroll view provided natively by Unity). Obviously, there is some tweeking to do, for instance (for the altitude on the right):

  • Delete the “Scrollbar Horizontal” gameobject
  • Delete Image component in “Scrollbar Vertical”, in its “Sliding Area” and in its “Handle”
  • Uncheck the “interactable” checkbox in the vertical scrollbar script
  • Inside the “Content” gameObject, create a list with all possible altitude values
  • Then, through script, set the vertical scrollbar value to CURRENT_ALTITUDE/MAX_ALTITUDE in an update function

I surely forget some more things, but you got the idea!