How to implement Such Visuals

Hello Everyone,
I am currently working on a game where I want to make Level which happens to be in a Room . I have played Monument valley which is also made in Unity (Awesome game by USTWO). I want to change the contents of the room the way it is Implemented in Monument Valley Forgotten shores Level 7 . Can any one help How can we achieve

the effect in Unity … where a cube is divided diagonally and each half has its own depth. Completely same as in the Video Below…

link text

USTWO has showed a glimpse of how they achieved it one of their videos. Watch from 2:32 to 2:37

There’s many videos about how Monument Valley was made:

I’m not quite sure what part you’re having trouble with, but I recommend the video from Nordic Game Conference 2014, which goes into quite a lot of detail about the construction of the scene.