How to import a .bsp map into Unity3d

I have found a community made map on the steam workshop for Garrys Mod that I would like to use as an enviroment for a stealth game. I have managed to extract the map and it’s components from the Garry’s Mod format (.gma) to .bsp and it’s subsequent files for textures and models.I would like to import this map fully textured into Unity3D if it is possible. Importing it into blender fully textured would work as well.

There is no easy way to “import” BSP files as it’s a proprietary format. Also there are several BSP formats out there, but i guess you only want the Source engine’s BSP format?

The Source BSP format has a lot of “features” and as far as i know there’s no “ready-to-use” BSP reader for C# / Unity. However, if you have time feel free to implement an importer, all you need is this.

Hi @Silverwolf_7 ,

I was looking for the same thing and this page was the first thing i found but after looking a little more if found this article that might help you!


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