How to import a high resolution Image file

Ok so i have been having a problem with unitys auto compression for files with the pixel size higher than 1089 x 4096.
I am trying to import a image that is going to be used as the 2d ground and its pixel size is 4800 x 18048. Everytime i import this image it auto compresses and looks horrible. My question is, is there a way to import image files of any size and bypass the auto compression because i need this to work so my map looks the way it was intended to look. Thankyou

The WWW class will load files bigger than 4K. While I’ve not specifically tested this scenario (I’m away from my desktop), you should be able to put the file in StreamingAssets folder:

You will use the ‘file://’ protocol. This should work in mobile and desktop, but I doubt it will work on a web build. For a web build, you can pull it off the server.