How to import a mesh NOT as a Prefab

Hi, I’m trying to import a mesh into unity, I’m able to deactivate the animation and the rig but I always get the mesh inside the PREFAB,

is there a way to have only the mesh without the prefab?

Not sure what you mean tbh - imported models just have similar blue icon, they’re not prefabs. You can access your mesh, for example, when selecting mesh in MeshFilter component. GameObject->3DObject->Create Cube (or whatever else)->pick your custom mesh in it’s MeshFilter component - here it is, just a pure 3D object, without any rigs and animations

I think you can, if you drag the mesh outside the prefab. But by doing so, the mesh has no automatic texture assignment or orientation, as its just raw data. I never do it, its best having a folder to put it into, and forget all about it. Then you dont have to worry later when all your models are rotated wrong :stuck_out_tongue: