how to import a mixed texture from blender

hi guys,
in the process of learning some basic modeling things, i tried to model my first object, a rock, using some nice tutorial found online (i found this Create Realistic Low Poly Rocks - Beginner Blender Tutorial - YouTube very good)

now, following that tutorial, you’ll end up creating a complex node with many shaders, mixers etc…
from what i’ve understood, import nodes from blender isn’t possible, so since i’ve already some nice shader, i’d like to have at least the mixed texture i’ve in blender, exported to a standalone texture, is this possible?

to explain better, i’ve 2 texture: “sharp rock” and “mud”, that are mixed togheter with a noise texture that command the mix factor, would be possible to have that finished texture as a flat image output?

maybe this is more a blender question, but i think that maybe someone here had the same problem, or hopefully someone know of an asset or script that can import blender nodes

Right I’m not totally sure this will do what you need but take a look at this question, read my answer(the last answer) and give it a try.

With a bit of look you will be able to bake a working set of textures for use in Unity from your model using this method :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m one year blender user. Cycles supports now baking so you can easy bake it. You can bake whole render or some maps, it’s all about what efect you really wanna. I hope so you know blender enough to do it. If not look for “blender cycles baking” :slight_smile: