How to import a model to Unity from 3DS Max?


So, yes, I know, this has been asked hundreds of times, but for some reason it's not working...

I have a model, with a biped lined up perfectly in it.

I've tried both, the Skin modifier, and the Physique modifier. Now, the Physique modifier returns an error, so I said screw it, I'm going to try the Skin modifier. I export, and no error.

So, let me say.

I've exported 2006, 2010, and 2011, I've also dragged and droped the actual .max file in to Unity.

Every single time. It has the Take001 (Animation), but it doesn't export the biped or the actual model.

To further, I export the file as a OBJ file, without the biped, and the modifiers, it does export and it does appear in Unity.

Now, I also tried exporting with Mudbox, and it still doesn't work in Unity...

If anyone has any ideas, please say,

Thanks, and have a good night! Justin W.

are you sure that the scale on your import settings isn't just very low? for some reason unity always imports everything into my scene at like .001% scale.

might be worth a look-see