How to import animation from 3dmax to unity3d

I’ve searched all the google, and see other answers but i still can’t figure it out how to make the animation imported from 3dmax work in unity3d, the animation is imported, but when I put it in the scene it doesn’t work, no errors, option play Automatically is set to true, i’ve marked all the checkboxes of animation in the 3dmax fbx import, any ideas please?

Hi,one of the reason why animation is not playing because you must have dragged the whole mesh for eg

lets say you create a player mes naming Player.fbx and you create an run animation but delete the mesh in 3ds max after animating then lets name it to Player@run.fbx.

Now select the Player.fbx and drop it into the scene .Then go to Player@run.fbx just click on the small downscroller button to the left of it There you should see the animation and the bones with names the bone will have the same name as you have named it in 3ds max.But the animation which appears with white icon will be named Take001 by unity.Drag this Animationclip and drop it in the Animation componenet into your Player model in the scene then go to windows select animation then select your player model then click play on the animation window