How to import animation from krita to unity

I am using krita to make a 2D animation but I dont know how to export to unity?

I saw a tutorial but it wasn’t for the newest virsion.


You probably want to export an image sequence (PNG frames) from Krita and then use those files in your Unity project.

If you want to import Krita files directly from Unity I highly recommend this plugin from the Asset Store (yes, this is shameless self-promotion).

It can import both static images and frames from animations, including automatically (i.e. reimport whenever the file changes, like Unity does for other formats). It can greatly improve your workflow, specially if you need to deal with multiple files at once.

For animations, a Krita installation is required (since it calls Krita to generate frames). It appends a numeric suffix on the filename of each generated frame. The importer will, by default, group frames under the same folder, next to the source .kra/.krz file, but you have a lot of flexibility to generate files wherever you want using path patterns and presets.

If you just want to export one file manually from Krita, use the Render Animation command from the File menu, and export an Image Sequence of PNG files to somewhere in your Unity project.

You can also render a video this way if that’s what you need.