How to import models with textures applied. (FBX Embed Media?)

I have models with diffuse, normals, and spec maps (apparently spec maps aren’t supported in Unity, so whatever). Manually attaching the texture maps to each and every model in Unity every time I import just isn’t an option. It’d be way too time consuming and tedious, there has to be a better way.

We tried exporting the fbx with embed media files. When I import it into Unity, it DOES add the texture files to a .fbm folder, but they’re still not applied to the model (the model is still grey).

What gives?

Unity tries it’s best to match material slots for a bunch of different 3D packages and material types, but at the end of the day Unity materials are your final destination and they may still have some setting up depending on the shader you wish to use (for example some require specular in the alpha channel as described above). Try this to get most way there:

  • Assign your material in the source package, make sure there is a baked texture in the diffuse slot
  • Assign your other baked textures to the spec, normal and others
  • Check embed textures at export
  • Check ‘import materials: by material name’ is selected for your imported model (in the inspector)

Where possible use a portable file format like FBX and follow these guidelines.

If this still doesn’t work out please submit your test project via the bug reporter and drop the number here along with as much info about the 3D package you are using and process to generate/export textures

The way to do it is create a folder named Textures and the import the .fbx file next to it. That way the textures will be connected to the materials once import has finished.