How to import package and run game in package manager?

Hello, I am new to Unity.

I want to download game templates or packages for learning, such as this one:

But when I downloaded, it will just import as asset and I don’t get the game that can be compile and run. It will remains as new empty project as before, so

How should I download and import the whole package instead of assets?

I’m not entirely sure if I understood your question, but when importing a package, unity asks you directly what parts of it you want to import, when selecting the elements you want to leave out, you must be careful not to “dismantle” the assets, for example, if you import an enemy prefab, but don’t import the script and its animation, it’s likely to be broken. The recommendation is to import the entire project, since it is a complete game and not separate assets.


Did you manage to resolve this issue, I’m having the same problem.