How to import picture size 43000 x 21000 pixels

I have a large 43000 x 21000 JPEG pic 55mb in size that I would like to import into Unity. It would serve as 2D map nothing more. I read the documentation and the picture is too big to be imported so please give me ideas on what could I do to solve this problem.

Split it up into several images. Keep in mind that unless an image is in DXT format or another hardware supported compression format the image need to be stored uncompressed in memory. Even when your image has only 8 bit per pixel (essentially grayscale) you would need almost 1 GB of memory. However usually you have 4 channels (RGBA) so it would require 3.6 GB, that one single image. It’s very unpractical to use such a large image, and JPEG is in general a bad format for most things in a game. How does the image look like? Do you have a downsampled version you can show us?

you cant graphics cards have a limit on picture size and so does unity

i have a post here that details vaguly how to use a texture array instead

Huge thank you all for replies! Got lots of “food for the brain” with your inputs so back to the drawing board for me :smiley: