How to "import" rain from Angry Bots

I’m working with Unity 4 on school computers for my project (cannot upgrade the unity). Thus, I cannot buy or even download any rain asset packages I find in the asset store. I do however have access to Angry Bots demo and have found the assets and scripts for rain in the store file for it. My question is how do I import the rain assets and scripts and set it up exactly like Angry Bots has it to make ‘rainboxes’ and ‘splashboxes’? And which one do I import there’s like 3 rains and 4 splashes! Could really use a step by step on this. Thanks!

You export the assets you want from Angry Bots as a custom package, and then import that package into your project.
There’s already a step-by-step guide in the documentation:

how do I set it up like they have it with a ‘box’ and particle system?

Angry Bots doesn’t use particles, it uses meshes (models). Each RainBox uses one of three meshes (RainDrops_LQ0/1/2), which gets moved down the Y-axis then teleported back to the start position, and repeats. RainSplashes again uses different variations of a mesh (RainsplashesSmall/Big_LQ0/1/2), which are a collection of quads that just use a texture, then changes the UVs to show different parts of the texture (like frames in a movie, I think the shader does this as I cannot see a script that modifies the UVs). Pause the scene, look at each of these objects and the components/materials/scripts that are attached to them.

All the rain prefabs used in the scene are in Prefabs > Rain.

  • Scripts > Rain
  • Shaders > Fx > Rain, RainSplash
  • Materials > Rain, PlanarRainSplash
  • Textures > Effects > RainStreak, Ripple

Consider creating your own rain with particles. Here are some links that may help :